Stretch ceilings technology is getting more and more popular in Canada and the US. With a variety of building materials and endless design ideas, these interior elements becoming demanded in North America.

AV Style stretch ceilings main office is in Toronto, Ontario. Our representatives are currently available across BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec and Nova Scotia.

Be comfortable to send us a quote or project description you will be contacted by your local stretch ceilings expert.

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    The AV Style Advantage

    The versatility and quality of our materials — coupled with the experience of our team — allows us to go far beyond the limitations of traditional finishes like drywall, stucco and popcorn ceilings.

    With PVC stretch ceilings your space is completely protected against water ingress from flooding and more. Although thin, the material is exceptionally durable and capable of holding large volumes of water. Its specially engineered surface also prevents steam condensation, making PVC stretch ceilings the ideal material for humid environments such as indoor swimming pools.

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