LED lighting solutions are the perfect solutions for sustainable and smart functioning. With LED being the smart technology, LED lights are now available in rich variants to cater your domestic as well as other needs. AV Style enhances the power of LED which in turn lights up your world with its smartest solutions.

At AV Style, we have been offering energy saving lighting solutions for varied sectors. We have been successful in developing advanced efficient lighting solutions for residential and industrial sectors in Toronto with limited energy costs. Lighting can have a huge impact on the living space, so when it comes to deciding on lighting for your space, it’s imperative that you make sure what you’re buying is right. AV style works with you, assessing what type of fixture, brightness, and coverage is best for your space.

The good thing about us is that we service and install all makes and brands on time, on budget and up to the code. Be it fiber optics lights, LED Lights, stretch ceiling designs or so we bring you customized service you can count upon. Ranging from major brand to custom fixing & installations, our professionals take good care of your appliances and ensure they are in Safe Hands. We provide LED lighting solutions for:

At AV Style we leave a lasting impact on our clients’ facilities ensuring they receive the right commercial LED lighting solution that fits their unique needs, while staying within their budget. We not only make our presence felt but also make your life easier. So do give us a call or contact us to know more about our services and price quotes.