What We Do

Our capabilities include large-format printing for stretch ceilings and walls, acoustic solutions, 3D shapes and effects, backlit surfaces, lighting integration and more. But when you work with AV Style you don't just get creative freedom and quality craftsmanship. You get personalized design solutions that work in perfect harmony with the lighting, architectural features and aesthetic of your space. In other words—what you want is what we deliver.


We use a special software to render
the concept into lifelike 3D, then
refine the idea until you’re happy


We provide expert advice to
architects, builders, designers
and other trade professionals

Installation / Repair

We handle the entire installation
process, with an emphasis on
quick, clean, high-quality results

How We Do It


Step 1: Consultation

We start each project with a detailed consultation including design inspiration, which helps us understand the overall effect the client is after with their new ceiling or wall covering. This is also when we define acoustical preferences, lighting and any other functional requirements.

3D concept design of PVC ceiling

Step 2: Concept Design

Working from photos and exact measurements of the site, we create a 3D rendering using a special software. The result is almost indistinguishable from the final product, but it allows us to experiment with details like transparency, colour, gloss, shape, lighting and texture. Just as important, it shows exactly how the new wall or ceiling will fit into the space.

Production of PVC stretch ceiling

Step 3: Production

After the concept has been approved, we move to production of the material. Most of our projects are done with a stretch ceiling made of a durable PVC membrane, which the special CNC machine carefully inspects during a detailed quality assurance process. Production can also include printing, perforating and carving of the membrane.

Ceiling installation

Step 4: Installation

We strive for quick, clean installations that are as unobtrusive as possible. Most importantly, it has to be up to our high quality standards, which ensures not only a flawless finish but long-lasting results. Installation areas can range from a hundred to several hundred square feet.