Achieve a fresh new look with a PVC stretch ceiling design element.

Whether you’re looking to redecorate your residential space for personal or reselling purposes, or you’re hoping to expand your company’s brand and values through a stylish new element, then stretch ceiling design is for you.

What Is Stretch Ceiling Design?

PVC stretch ceiling design is made from durable PVC membrane that although thin, is extremely durable and capable of holding large volumes of water. It also prevents steam condensation, making them ideal for indoor pools and steamy bathrooms.

There is no limit to your design. If you can dream it, you can do it. Clients have the ability to integrate lighting, backlight surfaces, 3D shapes and effects and acoustic solutions, too.

Where Can It Be Used?

Stretch ceiling design can be used in both residential and commercial in the following ways:

Residential Spaces

Kitchen & Living Room: Compliment your dining and common room with unique flare with PVC stretch ceiling design. From modern 3D patterned shapes to solid, glossy colour - the opportunities to impress buyers and guests are endless!

Bedroom: Use stretch ceilings to unleash your personal style in your bedroom space. Choose bright accent colours that pack a punch or decide on integrating lights to mimic the starry night sky. The only limit is your imagination.

Bathroom: Adorn your bathroom with modern design and colour palettes for quality design and a breathtaking finish.

Commercial Spaces

Restaurant, Cafeterias & Dining Spaces: Set the mood for a delightful eating experience with stretch ceiling design. Whether your style is elegant, rustic, minimal or any vibe in-between, there’s a design for your preference.

Swimming Pool: PVC stretch ceilings are engineered to prevent steam condensation, making them the perfect material for this humid environment. Transport your pool’s inhabitants to an indoor oasis of tranquility by having the waves reflect off of a glossy, white ceiling.

Office: Show your clients you mean business by translating your company’s colour scheme and images into a stretch ceiling design in your office.

AV Style understands the importance of having a functional and beautiful space. Specializing in transforming residential and commercial spaces using PVC stretch ceiling design, We can help you transform your space. For Stretch ceilings done by a reputable service, contact us online.