Who doesn’t want to have a mural decorate their home’s walls instead of dull white plaster. But still, not very many people get murals painted on their walls. Why?

It’s simple - painting a mural is an expensive, messy and long, long, long process.

The artist spends hours in the bedroom or living room, there are paints everywhere and the house needs intense cleaning afterwards. Not to mention you can’t use the area being painted during the time it’s being worked on.

But what if we told you that there is a better, faster, simpler way to decorate your walls with mesmerising, vivid designs of your choice? Because there sure is.

AV Style brings you murals that get printed on stretch fabric and are ready for your wall before they even cross your doorstep.

Stretch Wall Murals - The Way it Works

You pick a design of your choice from a catalogue or request a custom print made for you. We assess the wall, plan for the way it will be hung up, and proceed to printing it. Prints for stretch murals can be as tall as 16 feet and stretch for over 50 yards along a wall, making them suitable for most residential and commercial spaces. They are connected to the wall via a rigid frame, which is then drilled into the wall.

The result is amazing and takes only a few hours to install, nothing in comparison to the inconvenience an actual painting would cause and time it would take.

Another bonus with this type of mural is that you don’t need to leave it behind when you decide to sell your property and move. It can easily come with you, neatly rolled up to decorate your new place.

And finally, this type of wall mural can be printed on semi translucent material and backlit to produce a truly magical effect.

We work only with the very best materials and import the Clipso fabric or PVC the mural is printed on, as well as install it ourselves.

We have commercial and residential clients, our murals decorating many different properties, from malls to restaurants to private homes and everything in between.

If you’d like to see more ideas, feel free to browse our gallery of exquisite wall murals, or just give us a call and plan your own project with us.